How to use emIDE

Debugging with other debug probes

emIDE can be used with other debug probes than SEGGER's J-Link. To use them a GDB Server or similar tool to which the GDB can connect to is required. OpenOCD can for example be used with different debug probes.

Project configuration

To use another debug probe the Debugger settings has to be changed.
Go to Project -> Properties... -> Debugger -> Tab GDB, select 'Other (External tool)' as Remote server and set Port to the one the remote server is listening on.
Additionally the remote server has to be started before the GDB connection. This can either be done manually or by executing the commands in GDB commands before connection.

Using ST-Link

ST's ST-LINK/V2 can be used with the texane gdbserver. The project is available on GitHub and can be built on Windows using for example Cygwin. A pre-compiled executable of the texane gdbserver for Windows created with Cygwin can be downloaded here.
To automatically start it, extract the package to C:\stlinkgdbserver and add following line to GDB commands before connection:

shell start "GDB Server" "C:\stlinkgdbserver\st-util.exe"

The default port of texane gdbserver is 4242.