reduce flash size compiler opt & resize-able drop menu

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reduce flash size compiler opt & resize-able drop menu
Postby sanylcs » 25 May 2014 18:46

dear admin,

when I added following two lines:

to compiler options, it helps me reduce my total generated flash code size.
I may be missing something but i think these two options are not available for choosing under compiler options GUI at the moment.

May be it should be there for user to tick? as it is important if you use some third party libraries that have a lot of functions in a file and not all functions will be used. These options seem to remove those un-reference functions.

I also notice that the <global> drop down menu does not seem to be working for me. It supports to jump to some global declaration types within the file right? But it doesn't jump when I click on it though it did appear under the <global>.

May I request emIDE to have a resize-able <global> drop down menu and also resize-able 'jump to' functions drop down menu? I wish I can have all the clickable icons menu fit on my screen in one line, it can't be achieved at the moment because of the fix length menus.

Or are these have to be implemented on Code::Blocks?

Thank you. Just some feedback. Feel free to ignore it.



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