Nordic Cortex-M0 project?

Wishes for features and changes in future releases.
Feel free to contribute, I will try to implement as much as needed.

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Nordic Cortex-M0 project?
Postby Bill » 11 Feb 2014 22:02

Has anybody tried running the Nordic NRF51822 yet under emIDE?
The nRF51822-DK kit comes with a full Cortex-M J-link and I believe is the first ARM SOC for Bluetooth 4.0. (can't post links yet but its available on Mouser for $100)

I have the kit and it comes with GCC projects for Eclipse (in addition to KEIL and a few IAR projects), so we should be able to support these in emIDE I believe.

If/When I get one running I am hoping I can post up a sample project of some sort.
It would have to be a LED blink project or something else simple though as anything more might run against the Nordic license agreement, FYI.


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Re: Nordic Cortex-M0 project?
Postby emIDE » 24 Feb 2014 17:50


Sounds great.
The NRF51822 is supported by emIDE, so there should be no problem with creating a project for it.

If you have any sample project I would be happy when we can make it available for download at the sample projects page.

Best regards
Johannes - emIDE



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Re: Nordic Cortex-M0 project?
Postby marciopps » 07 Apr 2014 18:43

I'm also still trying to use emIDE with nRF51822 and I have a very strange problem. In the first try it worked with a "blinking led" project but then I am trying with the USART demo project and comes the issue. Although it compiles and run corretly on Keil, the same code running on emIDE doesn't configure the UART registers. I put a breakpoint in the moment it writes in the 0x400250C memory address (configuring TX/RX pin) and the value doesn't appear there, continuing to be 0xFF. I saw the program in the dissassembly window and it looks to be correct in assembly language. Someone has a UART sample code that worked?



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Re: Nordic Cortex-M0 project?
Postby handaroo » 24 Apr 2014 07:42

I am using emIIDE for nrf51822, using the Nordic evaluation kit and debugging both ends simultaneously on same laptop. I find it better than Keil for managing two Seggers. It works great, i have had no major issues with it.

If the debugger doesn't recognize the Nordic peripheral structures e.g. NRF_RADIO

You can do this declare a pointer to the peripheral type
static NRF_RADIO_Type* nrfradio;

Then assign it to the Nordic pointer
nrfradio = NRF_RADIO

Then Watch nrfradio and you see all the peripheral registers.



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Re: Nordic Cortex-M0 project?
Postby berry » 21 Jan 2015 08:27

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