Temporary and supplementary files

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Temporary and supplementary files
Postby harper » 21 Nov 2013 10:02

There have been some files like


where I am convinced that they are helpful for emIDE but worthless to source control. There are SCM systems like SVN that allow an exclude by extension but not everybody uses SVN.

The new emIDE 2.13c has a new file objects.obj.

Would it be possible or desirable to make the files temporarily (except emLayout) and set the Hidden attribute on creation of these files?


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Re: Temporary and supplementary files
Postby emIDE » 21 Nov 2013 11:59


The .emLayout and .emDepend files are used to store the project settings (Open files, ...) inbetween emIDE sessions. Therefore they cannot be temporary.

objects.obj is indeed a temporary file and might be deleted after the build process.

I will have a look at if the emLayout files can be set invisible or add an option to not create them to the wishlist.

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Re: Temporary and supplementary files
Postby Fastfood » 18 Feb 2015 06:49

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