Missing J-Link Menu and can't get debugger working

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Missing J-Link Menu and can't get debugger working
Postby Arty29 » 07 Nov 2014 02:20


In the process of trying to determine why I can't get the debugger to work I noticed that my installation of the IDE does not have the 'J-Link' menu that I keep reading about in the documentation (for example " JLink-plugin configuration from the JLink menu").

I'm trying to figure out why that is, and if it has anything to do with why I cannot debug. According to the log output of the Segger GDB Server (V4.94c) it is able to connect to the target, download and verify OK but it doesn't seem to be able to halt the CPU, and I can't get anything in the IDE debugger to work (breakpoints, viewing register contents etc.)

It seems like I am so close but yet something is missing. Does anyone have any suggestions?

*Update* - I discovered that my debugger problems were the result of a mistake in my code that sets up the CPU clocks, PLL etc. shortly after reset. So now the only question I still have is why the 'J-Link' menu does not appear in my installation of emIDE?? Does anyone else have that problem?


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