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Startup code
Postby Freya17365 » 29 Apr 2016 20:20

Hi to all,
I am migrating from Keil to Emide, but I am encountering a wierd problem.
I created a simple and bare blinking program for STM32F030 MCU and it works if I compile it with Keil (about 2KB hex output), but it doesn't work if I compile it with Emide (about 9KB hex output).
The C code is the same, the only difference is in the linker script and in the startup.s file.
Do you have a simple startup and linker example to use?

I tried to modify the linker script and the startup file, but I get only commpiler error messages or non working code.

Thank you


(8.8 KiB) Downloaded 2071 times

(4.44 KiB) Downloaded 2030 times

Linker script
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