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There are and will be updates for emIDE very frequently, which add new features, optimize existing ones and fix bugs.
New features and major changes are first introduced in beta versions to make sure the release version is mostly stable. Nevertheless, beta versions are also considered as stable and known bugs in new features will be fixed in the beta before making it to a release.
To always have the newest features available, the beta versions are a good choice for your project.

Get the current release

Current version: V2.20 | Release date: 02. May 2014

Download Setup (55.9MB)
MD5 checksum: 75fe487dd388ca3ada0bd2f485f493b9

Download Portable Package (38.5MB)
MD5 Checksum: 7a800e262a1322d7fe1994a4f0088ef8

Download Source code (10.4MB)
MD5 Checksum: ad70c9460c742cf56063b660d9c700d9

Get the current beta

No current beta available.
The current release is the newest version.

emIDE Portable Package and Souce code are 7-zipped. You can download 7-Zip at

emIDE includes the GNU Tools for ARM GCC toolchain.
To use emIDE with Renesas RX targets, KPIT GNU Tools for RX have to be installed.
KPIT GNU Tools for RX can be downloaded at:
To use emIDE with PIC32 (MIPS) targets, Sourcery CodeBench Lite for MIPS ELF has to be installed.
It can be downloaded at: